The Joy of Sales


How to Win with Door to Door Sales: Having worked in door to door sales for some years now, I’ve decided to bottle (and sell!) the secrets of my success 😉



Find out the most closely guarded sales secrets of one of door to door’s most successful ever exponents!

From simple – but important – points such as maximising the percentage of a customer base contacted, to subliminal sales presentation issues such as proxemics (what posture to adopt at the door), this exhaustive D2D sales guide will enable you attain a much greater return on your daily door to door grind.

Many original and previously uncovered aspects of door to door selling are explored in this book – such as using Google Earth for advance reconnaissance of new sales areas, applying neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to help optimise the quality of your work and sales output, how to deal with aggressive members of the public or family pets, and what is so frequently overlooked – knowing the legal parameters worldwide in which one can carry out door to door work.

The thorny issue of security for door to door staff is also addressed with some useful hints, and an interesting – if somewhat mischievous – section is included which addresses the social possibilities which can often arise out of a simple doorstep sales presentation. Enjoy!


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